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          1. Company News

            How to embody the processing quality of metal stamping parts?


            In our daily life, hardware stamping parts are everywhere. In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of customers, we constantly introduce foreign advanced technology and product hardware stamping parts quality. From what aspects? From the following points of analysis

            1. Chemical analysis and metallographic examination

            The content of chemical elements in the material was analyzed, the grain size and uniformity of the material were determined, the grade of free cementite, banded structure and non-metallic inclusions in the material were evaluated, and the shrinkage and porosity of the material were checked.

            2. Material inspection

            Stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal strip materials. The raw materials of metal stamping parts should have quality certificates, which ensure that the materials meet the required technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or for other reasons, the hardware stamping parts manufacturer can select raw materials for re-inspection as required.

            3. Formability test

            The bending test and cupping test are carried out to determine the work hardening index n and plastic strain ratio r of the material. In addition, the test method for the formability of the steel sheet can be carried out according to the provisions of the formability and test method of the thin steel sheet.

            4. Hardness Testing

            Rockwell hardness tester is used for hardness testing of metal stamping parts. Small stamping parts with complex shapes can be used to test the plane is very small and can not be tested on ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester.

            5. Determination of other performance requirements

            The electromagnetic properties of the material and the adhesion of the coating and coating were measured.

            The technical requirements for the processing of metal stamping parts are shared with you here. In addition, it should be noted that the precision and surface state of hot metal stamping parts are lower than cold metal stamping parts, but still better than castings and forgings, with less cutting capacity.