How to clean out your closet - 6 items you need get rid of this year

clean your closet

Spring is about new beginnings and spring-cleaning. But if you are anything like me you have been procrastinating the last 5 years from cleaning out your over stuffed closet. When I finally got around to cleaning out my closet, I found clothes I didn't even remember buying and other things I haven't worn in more than 5 years.

The shapewear brands that Celebs are actually wearing

Have you ever wondered what are the actual brands of shapewear, tights and thongs our favorite celebs are actually wearing under their iconic red carpet looks? Stylists know that the importance of a good foundation is needed to get their stars camera ready.

Top stylists admit that shapewear isn't just about making these A-listers look slimmer but it makes see-through materials, more modest, prevents clingy fabrics from sagging or pulling in all the wrong places. Shapewear is the secret body foundation that takes their unique ensemble and making it look all pulled together perfectly.

According to top stylists who work exclusively with celebs such as Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna, these are the shapewear pieces that will leave you looking red-carpet ready.

Essential oils that help to promote a healthy lifestyle

The hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives makes it a challenge to stick to all of those good intentions about having a healthier lifestyle. Life just keeps getting in the way. But healthy living isn't impossible.

Let's see how essential oils can help keep you focused on reaching your goals and promote a healthy lifestyle. Scent is a powerful tool that evokes memories, improves our skin, calms us down, and suppresses our appetite and so much more.

Essential oils in laymen's terms are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils that are found in all types of plant life. These oils are derived by using a process called distillation using water, steam or cold-pressing, which results in an essential oil that has the scent and properties of the original plant but in a much more concentrated form.

But lately, there has been so much hype about essential oils, we can't help but ask: Do they really work?

Treat digestive problems with traditional Chinese Medicine

Today, there is an increase in the number of people suffering from digestive problems at one time or another, and there is growing scientific evidence showing the importance of intestinal health to our immune system, brain function, mood and overall health.

Tips for buying swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping can be as painful as getting a root canal. Especially if you need a swimsuit upgrade before hitting the beach, it can feel almost impossible and slightly depressing (extremely if you ask me).

But to take the pain out of swimsuit shopping we have talked to some of the top styling experts and complied this expert hints on how to take the pain out of shopping for swimwear.

buying swimsuits

Face Yoga: Hype or Reality?

Yoga has been around for centuries and it’s health benefits are well recognized within the medical and health field, but what about this new trend for face yoga? Does it really work or is just another anti-aging health fad?

3 posture exercises for expecting moms

Exercising during your pregnancy is one of the most important habits you should be doing during this period. There are multiple benefits for you and your baby. Exercise helps to keep your body in movement, henceforth not becoming stiff.

However, in a few months, your belly begins to weigh a little more and this often brings posture problems. But take heart; here are some simple exercises to help you to avoid this from happening.

These three exercises will help to realign your spine and teach you what is the best position for your back.