Tips for buying swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping can be as painful as getting a root canal. Especially if you need a swimsuit upgrade before hitting the beach, it can feel almost impossible and slightly depressing (extremely if you ask me).

But to take the pain out of swimsuit shopping we have talked to some of the top styling experts and complied this expert hints on how to take the pain out of shopping for swimwear.

buying swimsuits

Face Yoga: Hype or Reality?

Yoga has been around for centuries and it’s health benefits are well recognized within the medical and health field, but what about this new trend for face yoga? Does it really work or is just another anti-aging health fad?

3 posture exercises for expecting moms

Exercising during your pregnancy is one of the most important habits you should be doing during this period. There are multiple benefits for you and your baby. Exercise helps to keep your body in movement, henceforth not becoming stiff.

However, in a few months, your belly begins to weigh a little more and this often brings posture problems. But take heart; here are some simple exercises to help you to avoid this from happening.

These three exercises will help to realign your spine and teach you what is the best position for your back.