The shapewear brands that Celebs are actually wearing

Have you ever wondered what are the actual brands of shapewear, tights and thongs our favorite celebs are actually wearing under their iconic red carpet looks? Stylists know that the importance of a good foundation is needed to get their stars camera ready.

Top stylists admit that shapewear isn't just about making these A-listers look slimmer but it makes see-through materials, more modest, prevents clingy fabrics from sagging or pulling in all the wrong places. Shapewear is the secret body foundation that takes their unique ensemble and making it look all pulled together perfectly.

According to top stylists who work exclusively with celebs such as Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna, these are the shapewear pieces that will leave you looking red-carpet ready.

Wacoal zoned 4-Long Leg Shaper

Stylists such as Avigail Collins admit that most celebs such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez prefer the feel and fit of Wacoal shapewear to Spanx. Stylists love them because they want to conceal away any unwanted panty lines and the seamless design sits perfectly on their body. Wacoal leg shaper is the ideal foundation for even the tightest little black dress. Plus, it is the only leg shaper that provides powerful graduated compression that slenderizes the entire torso.

Capezio Professional Fishnet Tights

Get ready to dance the night away with a pair of high-waisted tights by Capezio. These tights are celebs’ little secret for shapewear for your legs. But not any tight will do for a red carpet event; only tights that are ladder and pole-resistant. Capezio tights are made thicker than normal tights so they don't just hold you in and can be worn time and time again. These tights are a staple for BeyoncĂ© whenever she is performing.

Maidenform Firm Control Waist Nipper

Whether you want to nip that bloated belly or make sure that sleek satin dress sits perfectly on your body, this waist nipper is the best one for you. Stylists love this corset because even the most unforgiving fabric glides perfectly on it and trims the waistline up to three dress sizes, without causing bunching or bulging on your back or thighs.

Magic Bodyfashion Invisible String (Pack of 5)

Are you looking for complete invisibility under that form-fitting slip dress or any other skintight ensemble? This invisible stick-on thong is a staple in Kim Kardashian's styling kit. Now you know how she can wear those super-tight outfits and be completely panty-line free. This problem-solving underwear is designed to wear only once and then thrown away. They also offer stick-on bust support.

Celebrity tips on choosing the best shapewear

Look for styles of leg shapers that aren't made from pure nylon, as it will make a swishy sound as you walk. This could totally ruin a romantic moment when walking with your beau.

If you have recently had a baby or still are carrying around the baby pooch, look for panties that have a high waist. They will instantly squash that belly, giving you the confidence to feel your best. The smoothing effect on your rear and tummy will make a huge difference in those jeans you have been waiting to squeeze into.

Looking for a game changer? Then you need a smoothing thong that flattens your tummy but without the fear of pop-up panty lines. Now you can wear those new sleek, silk or linen pants fearlessly.

One shapewear item that every girl will need in her wardrobe is a shaping camisole; we guarantee that this item will change your world. Look for styles that have control panels along your core to give you that hourglass figure.

And a word of caution when it comes to shapewear, you get what you pay for. A premium product often comes with a premium price tag. Avoid ordering shapewear that comes from China that has been sized for a tiny, teeny Asian woman. Make sure the company has an easy to use and easy to understand size chart.