Tips for buying swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping can be as painful as getting a root canal. Especially if you need a swimsuit upgrade before hitting the beach, it can feel almost impossible and slightly depressing (extremely if you ask me).

But to take the pain out of swimsuit shopping we have talked to some of the top styling experts and complied this expert hints on how to take the pain out of shopping for swimwear.

buying swimsuits

Pick the best time

One of the worst times for swimwear shopping is right after the winter holidays, when we have been stuffing our faces with turkey dinner and too many pieces of pumpkin pie. Go shopping when you have lost those extra pounds and finally feel like you have your bikini body. Otherwise, it will send you straight into a depression and eating frenzy.

If you need a little motivation to start loosing that extra weight, scroll through the latest spring swimwear trends. By doing this you will get yourself into the right state of mind and maybe want to try a totally new style this coming summer.

Pick the right time of day

Picking the best time of day can have a huge impact on your outlook. For example, after devouring a huge serving of gelato, might not be the best time to start trying on swimwear. Experts suggest hitting the swimsuit stores first thing in the morning before you crave something sinful and fattening, as you will feel less bloated and fat.

Plus, swimwear stores tend to be less crowded first thing in the morning, so you won't feel so intimidated to ask the sales person for help or some suggestions. Often, they can recommend the best style for your body shape and size.

Go shopping during a holiday

Swimsuits can be expensive, especially if it is a good quality one with built-in shapewear. If you are looking for a bargain, try visiting your favorite department stores on Labor Day or Memorial Day, as they will be marked down drastically.

But a word of caution, most stores only order in their swimwear retail once a year and won't restock their inventory until the following year. So if you find the prefect bathing suit for you, you should just grab it because chances are that someone else will buy it before it goes on sale.

Choose adequate undergarments

You want your potential swimsuit to sit naturally on your body, as you will be wearing it over your birthday suit when you finally take it to the beach. But for hygiene reasons, you definitely don't want to try it own without undergarments on. 

Make sure you wear a thong and seamless bra the day you go shopping for swimwear. Avoid wearing shapewear or other bulky intimates that could totally change how the swimsuit looks on your body.


Before hitting the mall in search of a bathing suit, prioritize what you are looking for in a swimsuit. If you need extra support up top, look for styles that have a built-in bra. If you find the fabric is thin when trying it on, think about how loose fitting it will become once you get it wet.

Be realistic as to what you actually want out of your swimsuit. Your will need a totally different suit for each of the following occasions: for doing laps at the local pool or for just lounging by the pool and soaking up the rays. 

Try it on before buying

Once you find a couple of styles that you like, grab a couple of different sizes of each style. Keep an open mind to styles that you feel just aren't for you, you might be surprised that they are the most flattering style for your body.

Once you found a suit that you like, make sure you check yourself out by every angle possible in the mirror. Sometimes, you will find it looks fantastic in the front but sags in the back. Every angle counts, including side view and backside.

Take your shoes and socks off

Your shoes and socks can actually make you look shorter, plumper and off-proportion. Since you will be wearing your suit with either sandals or bare feet, then try it on in your bare feet or with flat open-toed sandals.