Everything you need to know about Lady Gaga's Makeup Line - Haus Laboratories

Over almost a year we have been waiting for Lady Gaga's anticipated makeup line. Originally, it was supposed to be called Haus Beauty but now its official name is Haus Laboratories.

Haus Laboratories will be sold exclusively through Amazon in nine different countries. It is available for preordering on Amazon Prime Day on July 15, 2019 with an estimated delivery in September. Offering a line of lip-gloss, lip shades and all-over colors. There are a total of size shades that can be combined together to create more unique tones.

We love how Lady Gaga has honestly made her inclusive by making her products pricing very accessible for all pocket books. Glosses are priced at $16 each or a set of three products at $49.

The singer has mostly been promoting her new makeup line though her Instagram account, hence reaching out to her fans and followers.

She debuted her makeup brand with a music video on social media, stating that the last thing we need is another makeup brand but that's too bad. Her goal with Haus Laboratories is to change the way the world perceives beauty, encouraging everyone to define their own perception of beauty.

The video has various dancers and models wearing glittery and bold metallic makeup, similar to the style that has made Lady Gaga famous.

Lady Gaga also posted a heartfelt open letter on Instagram about how makeup helped her evolve into who she is today.

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Gaga stated that Haus Laboratories was inspired from her early days, when she started out as a singer in Lower Manhattan. She used drugstore makeup to create what is known today as her signature look.

Right now, fans are only able to preorder her makeup online, but when Haus Laboratories officially launches in September, you can order her unique color pigments exclusively on Amazon.  The best part is her brand being available on Amazon is that we can take advantage of one or two day Prime shipping and have her makeup sooner than later.

We love how she is creating an inclusive makeup line for all sorts of people and it will be accessible to everyone who has access to the Internet and a shipping address. She is literally changing the way we perceive beauty.

Haus Laboratories wants you to express your creativity and find your personal individuality. She wants you to look like whatever you want to without being judged. Her goal is to create a makeup line that doesn't tell you what their standard of beauty is thus making you feel insecure. She wants to liberate you.